The importance of sharing with other businesses

In a world of websites, digital marketing, SEO and more….it’s important not to forget the good old fashioned basics of communications. For example, networking with other businesses can be an effective part of your marketing activity.

It can be an extremely helpful way of:

Great example of business collaboration

Red Dog is a massive fan of encouraging businesses to work together. In the summer of 2021, we worked with a number of tourism attractions and businesses in Faversham to create a beautiful quality direct marketing postcard initiative targeting new builds around Faversham. Ten businesses contributed towards taking part, each paying a small amount each to help reach a very important target audience.

New networking meetings in Faversham

Networking is a great way of businesses discovering their shared goals, discussing ideas and making stuff happen!

If you’re a business, freelancer, community organisation or similar – you’ll definitely benefit from getting to know the businesses around you.

Red Dog has joined forces with other local marketeers to form the Alloy collaboration which is holding a series of monthly business networking events in Faversham. Taking place at Creek Creative in Abbey Street.

Check out the image below for more details.

No need to reserve a place, just turn up!

Marketing drop-ins

Alloy is also holding monthly informal marketing drop-ins. A great opportunity to come along and pick the brains of local marketing professionals and chat through ideas and challenges.