Brogdale Farm

Client: Brogdale Farm

Date: June 30th, 2020

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Brogdale Farm is a business location on the edge of Faversham with a wide selection of commercial units and offices to let.  It’s located in a stunning location in the grounds of acres of orchards and meadows.

Brogdale Farm is home to a range of businesses and organisations including Brogdale Collections – which provides access to the National Fruit Collections and is a key local tourist attraction.  Tenants also include a brewery; fruit tree nursery; holistic therapies centre; shop selling drinks; food and gifts; hairdressers; dog groomers; photography studio; plumbers, bicycle manufacturers; caterers and even a miniature railway.  There is also a popular courtyard café.

Marketing and communications objectives were to:

Marketing and communications solutions

This was a very rewarding piece of work,  as it gave us the opportunity to create branding for Brogdale Farm and communications platforms from scratch.

Red Dog worked with its partners from Alloy Marketing to:


Our work for Brogdale Farm is an excellent example of Red Dog working alongside partners from Alloy – with Beamtwenty3 creating the website and carrying out photo shoots; SMS Creative designing the branding and logo; Shore Way Marketing helping set up social media platforms and carrying out communications activities.

It is also an interesting client as it has two areas of work with separate marketing objectives.  One targeting the business community and promoting Brogdale Farm as a business location and the other to help support tenants and encourage visitors to the location.

At the time of writing, Brogdale Farm is currently fully let.

Red Dog PR created a marketing plan for Brogdale Farm, designed to both promote Brogdale Farm as a business location whilst also raising the profile of the location to shoppers and visitors.

Ima worked effectively with her colleagues at Alloy to create a logo and branding for Brogdale Farm, design a new website, run a Google Ad campaign, set up new social media accounts and populate these communications channels with relevant content and information.

I am delighted that Red Dog’s work has helped ensure full occupancy at Brogdale Farm whilst also supporting its tenants.

Tony Hillier

Brogdale Farm

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